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Big & Beautiful: Tailoring a Wellness Plan for Large Breed Dogs

Welcoming a large-breed dog into your family brings an exciting journey and unique responsibilities. Our vets in New Iberia will address crucial topics like nutrition, exercise, and joint health, covering their nutritional needs, exercise requirements, and preventative measures.

Wellness for Large Breed Puppy

Large-breed puppies experience rapid growth, so giving them a balanced diet that fosters development while avoiding problems like excessive weight gain is vital.

Choose a puppy food tailored for large breeds when making your selection. These formulations usually feature controlled calcium and phosphorus levels to bolster bone health without encouraging excessive growth.

Overall Wellness for Large Breed 

As your large breed puppy matures, it's crucial to fine-tune their well-being strategy. Adult large dogs often face challenges such as joint issues and obesity. Optimize their overall health by following these guidelines.

  • Balanced Nutrition: Ensure your dog receives a well-balanced diet appropriate for their age, weight, and activity level. High-quality dog food with real meat as the primary ingredient can contribute to overall health.
  • Regular Exercise: Large breeds require regular, moderate exercise to maintain a healthy weight and prevent boredom. Tailor activities to your dog's specific needs, considering their breed characteristics and energy levels.
  • Joint Health Supplements: Large breeds are prone to joint problems like hip dysplasia and arthritis. Incorporate joint health supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin into their diet to support joint function and reduce the risk of mobility issues.

Preventative Measurement for Large Dogs 

To prevent joint issues in large breed dogs, take a proactive approach with key preventative measures. Ensure your dog maintains a healthy weight by closely monitoring and adjusting their diet and exercise.

Schedule regular veterinary check-ups to catch potential health issues early, allowing for timely interventions.

When exercising, engage your dog in low-impact activities like swimming or walking to protect their joints, especially during growth phases.

Wellness Plan for Large Breed Dogs

We prioritize your pets' well-being, offering Wellness Plans for Dogs and Cats of all sizes. These plans are designed to provide proactive and cost-effective preventive care. Routine exams serve as comprehensive health checks, allowing us to detect and treat emerging health issues and assess your pet's diet for optimal nutrition.

At All Creatures Veterinary Hospital, we have Cat and Dog Wellness Plans to cover the needs of pets of all sizes, shapes, and ages. We have Dog Wellness Plans for small, medium, large, XL, and giant dogs, as well as Cat Wellness Plans that cover the needs of both indoor and outdoor cats.

Our Wellness Plans include a range of preventive annual and biannual wellness procedures (e.g., wellness exams, parasite testing, and parasite prevention). These plans also mean that your veterinary team gets an opportunity to get to know your beloved pet while regularly monitoring their overall health.

Since your vet has the best understanding of your pet's healthcare needs, they can let you know whether they think a Pet Wellness Plan is a good investment for your pet that could save you cash in the long run. Animals with special needs, such as senior cats and dogs, new puppies and kittens, and pets with chronic or recurring issues, benefit from routine vet care, including early detection screenings, necessary preventive vaccinations, and physical examinations. 

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Contact us today to learn how wellness plans for large dogs at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital can help your pet maintain long-term health and save your wallet. Our vet team has your and your pet's best interests in mind!

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